Dr. Helen and Tim Trowbridge

The ministry of Helen Trowbridge started as a young child. Coming from a home of Godly parents, she was a miracle baby destined to follow in the footsteps of her missionary mother and pastor father. Being saved at the age of five, she has been involved in almost aspect of the church.  Helen has unique call and burden for the church and it’s purpose. From Sunday School teacher to Pastor, Helen has served the Lord faithfully. or over 30 years, she has had the privilege of sharing her ministry gifts throughout North America, South America, Europe and parts of Asia in full time-ministry. Helen and her husband Tim have established Trowbridge Ministries. Their ministry extends internationally with an apostolic and prophetic word in season for the people of God. Read more…

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I see a cloud the size of a mans hand. Get ready. It’s about to rain in your life and on the dry places in your soul. Prepare for the rain. I see it in my cloud and feel it on my spirit. If you’re thirsty and dryblook up to the sky it’s beginning to rain !!!! ...

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What do you need today in the natural? A job, a home, a car, some finances to pay your bills, tuition for school, school uniforms for your growing children , restoration in your relationships, salvation of your children, etc ......Don’t ask God for it, START THANKING HIM FOR IT. Jesus did not ask God to multiply the food for the five thousand, He just thanked Him for it. And not only did the people get fed but there were leftovers. ABUNDANCE.

I thank God today that He is true to HIS word and He is meeting ALL of your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus . HE IS WATCHING OVER HIS WORD TO PERFORM IT IN YOUR LIFE. START PRAISING HIM AND THANKING HIM RIGHT NOW FOR IT. YOUR MIRACLE IS ON THE WAY . IN FACT .. YOUR MIRACLE IS HERE.

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