What Voice Will You Listen To?

What Voice Will You Listen To?

Though we are in this world… we are not of this world, but from a heavenly kingdom…. Where Jesus rules and reigns as our King and our Lord.

We must be careful in this season in America… where the world is speaking loudly. There are voices speaking into our spirits and we don’t even recognize it. The voices of friends, the voices of the newcasters and the prognosticators on television.

If we are not careful… we can be affected but what is being said. Our views can subtly and with realization can be changed by listening and taking in the voices of the world. We can find ourselves without even realizing it… agreeing with the world.

As Christians, our only agreement should be with Gods word. If it doesn’t line up with the word, then it should be null and void in our lives.

God keep us today from worldly thoughts, ideas and ideals. Paul said it well in Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore brethren, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service

(spiritual worship). And be NOT CONFORMED to this world…. To its ideas and ways of thinking, but be ye transformed by the renewing and I add redoing of your mind.

May our minds be transformed this day. May we walk with and agree with the word of God. May we stand up and speak up … concerning Godly principles and what is true according to the word. May we separate ourselves from the things and ideas of this world and be the holy people He is calling for today.


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